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Everybody knows about brakes, whether they own a vehicle or not. Brake is the indispensable part of every vehicle. When a car is in motion it cannot be in that state forever. hence, to bring the car to a stop brakes are a must-have. When there is a problem with the brake, the car needs to be checked immediately. Damaged or faulty brakes compromise on the safety of the vehicle. 

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Types of brakes

There are broadly three types of brakes for all kinds of vehicle:

  1. Frictional
  2. Pumping
  3. Electromagnetic

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Causes of brake failure

  • Most of the time the owners neglect the requirement of servicing and repairing of the brake system. This can lead to a serious fault in brakes. Overuse of brakes can be considered another big reason for its failure. This is because overuse tends to affect the brake pads by making it brittle or hard due to over-heating. The braking capacity of a car can be altered or rather hampered depending on the load it carries. Overload is dangerous for the vehicle. For proper performance of the braking system, there needs to be present adequate friction between the brake pads and the rotor discs. When cars are on a muddy or watery road, it loses the friction power as mud and water act as lubricants. Leaking of the brake oil or hydraulic fluid can be a major cause. If the hydraulic fluid pressure is not enough it leads to failure of the brakes. Proper maintenance of the rotor discs is necessary for brakes to work properly. If the rotor discs are scratched or spoiled it affects braking.

Signs for problematic brakes

  • ABS light gets turned on as a warning for some malfunction in the brake system. If you feel unnatural vibrations while trying to press the brakes, it is a sign for you to get your brakes checked. There is not supposed to be any noise while pulling the brakes of your vehicle. Still, if you are hearing any, there is a problem probably. Brake oil leakage is a clear indication that it needs servicing immediately and the vehicle should not be used with such risk. But it is not advisable to wait for such warnings. It is a risky affair to leave your braking system unchecked for long. Like other parts of the vehicle, it needs regular servicing and in case of damage, immediate repairing must not be ignored. 

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