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Exhaust System?

You are driving your car and suddenly it starts to make a noise? Or your inside of the car is all of a sudden filling up with smoke? There is a major problem with your exhaust system. But don’t worry Top Tread is here to help you with it.

When your car is running, it generates a lot of smoke which needs to be collected and thrown out of the engine and the vehicle completely. This is a very important process for the proper running of a car which is rested with the exhaust system of your car. The fumes are first collected from the engine chamber and then it passes through the tailpipe and gets released outside the vehicle.

The exhaust system of a car has the following components:

  • Exhaust manifold
  • Exhaust pipes
  • Muffler
  • Oxygen sensor
  • Catalytic converter

Each one of it has a vital role to play in exhaustion and any one component having an issue can lead to compromised performance or even non-performance of a vehicle. Therefore, it is important to check your exhaust system and maintain it along with the other parts of the car. Top Tread is just the place for checking and repairing your vehicle by the trained technicians. Visit us now without any more thinking for Exhaust High Wycombe.

Signs that show your exhaust system is in trouble

Following are some of the most common signs that indicate exhaust trouble:

  • Vibration- Your steering seems to be vibrating suddenly as well as your passenger seats. The exhaust might be the reason.
  • Fuel Efficiency- if your car is gulping a lot of fuel and not giving that good performance it means there is probably some problem with the exhaust system. More specifically it might be the oxygen sensor.
  • Noise- This is one of the major issues that crop up due to a faulty exhaust system. Loud sounds like a roar can be heard coming from the silencer pipes. When you hear this, just know it is the exhaust.
  • Performance issue - when your car stops for no reason every now and then, it is the exhaust. You might also see gas entering the passenger section of your car. These are indication enough for an exhaust-related problem.

Dangers of ignoring exhaust problems

  • Interrupted running of the car is the most annoying issue when you ignore an exhaust problem
  • Noises from the car are another problem which not only disturbs you but others too, be it your family or the people in the streets.
  • The harmful gas that gets leaked inside your car is a very big problem. Also, it is a threat to the environment. So it is mandatory in this case to repair the exhaust system.
  • Burning of too much fuel for no reason is not what you would desire. Exhaust issue will unnecessarily cost you a lot of fuel.

Don’t waste any more time and get in touch with Top Tread right away and get your exhaust system checked. Feel free to book an appointment online. You can contact us on the phone and via the email too. We would be pleased to assist you when you walk-in at our garage during business hours. Wait no more. Register your spot now!

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