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Summer tyres are engineered to offer maximum road-holding grip. Their tread compound is highly flexible which allows better traction as well as grip. They allow better stability given the fact that they are maintained well. Ring our tyre experts to know how to better care for your summer tyres.

Top Tread Tyres is an authorised repair centre in High Wycombe. We offer specialised repair work for summer tyres. From tyre repair, fitting, replacement, wheel balancing to everything in between. Get in touch with our customer care representatives to book your appointment today.

Beat The Summer With Best Tyre-Care

Summer tyres as compared to other season tyres have lesser grooves. They are engineered to keep as much rubber (contact) on the road surface as possible. Summer tyres are preferred in temperatures above 7 degrees Celsius. They provide better responsiveness, speed, braking, handling, control and efficiency. But like any other tyres they are prone to wear with constant usage. Contact our tyre experts to give your summer tyres the care they deserve.

It is no surprise to say that summer tyres are preferred for high-performance vehicles. They offer reliable responsiveness, cornering, and braking capabilities. This can be attributed to their rubber compound and tread pattern that allow for improved precision on any road surface. So, give it the care they need. We are a full-service garage and we are well-equipped to offer your summer tyres the repair and maintenance they need. You can also get in touch with our team to get the best tips to better store and use your summer tyres. Thereby, ensuring they perform better and last longer.

Quality Tyre Repair Near You

Top Tread Tyres believe in offering comprehensive tyre-care at affordable prices. Our experts will get your car ready to tackle the severe heat of the summer season. Drive down to our garage to find out more.

You can order the best of summer tyres High Wycombe from branded tyres we have hand-picked for you. We stock a range of popular tyres from Dunlop, Continental, Goodyear and more. Call our tyre experts to help you pick the right tyre for your car.

Our booking lines are open online, and on the phone. You can email us to let us know what you are looking for. Feel free to walk-in at our garage during business hours to experience excellent tyre-care in your budget.

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