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Every car owner desires tyres which offer unmatched performance and have a long lifespan. Premium tyres from Continental can offer both these qualities. Therefore, they are considered a great investment by drivers. However, experts suggest giving the tyres periodic maintenance to derive optimum performance from them. To get quality tyre-care, call our technicians in Wycombe.

Top Tread Tyres is a family-run repair shop. We specialise in offering unbiased and prompt tyre-care. Be it any vehicle, our tyre experts are capable to handle them all. Ring our technicians today to find out what we can do for you.

Why Opt For Continental Tyres?

Ever since the company came into existence in 1871, Continental Tyres High Wycombe have worked hard to make safe and efficient tyres. Their innovative spirit has remained undeterred and unchanged for years. With everyday cars becoming smarter, they combine mobility and safety with vehicle networking. This, in turn, helps to turn data and synergies leading to an improved driving experience. 

Tyre technology

The company offers a host of sophisticated tyre technology solutions to enhance driver comfort. Also, to improve the ride quality and to mitigate the inconvenience of a flat tyre.


This is a noise-reducing technology developed by the company. They cut interior noise level by up to 9 dB(A) depending on the car type, speed, and the terrain. This technology lets the tyre function in all weather conditions. It offers minimised noise on all road surfaces. They prevent any negative impact on car mileage and its load or speed capability. The best part is that this tyre requires the same mounting and storage just like standard tyres. 

The Self Supporting Runflat Tyre

This run-flat technology is developed by the company. It keeps the tyres compatible with all standard rims. It lets drivers enjoy fuel efficiency without the need to carry a spare wheel at all times.

Join The Bandwagon!

To enjoy flawless, customised and reasonable tyre repair, call Top Tread Tyres. We are an authorised, full-service repair shop near you. We pride in our team of seasoned tyre experts. We have rich experience in handling tyres of every make and model. Hence, our tyre services are at par with the industry standards.

No matter what kind of tyre repair work you seek. Trust us with your vehicle. Contact our customer care executives to book your appointment and let us handle it. 

What’s interesting is that you can avail all the excellent tyre services in your budget. Our staff will work out a custom service estimate for you. We will make sure your car is ready in no time and you do not worry about the service cost. Book us today!


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