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Tyres are one of the most important aspects of a car. They not only provide comfortable and smooth mobility but are also a key factor that affects the overall performance of the vehicle. They are the only point of contact between the car and the road surface and can be a decisive factor in case of emergencies. Good tyres can save you in the most serious situations while you can’t say the same for bad tyres. Tyres are an investment that is going to carry you around for a long time. So be sure not to cut the costs now, or you’ll be paying extra for repairs of the cheap products you buy.

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Goodyear Tyres

Frank Seiberling, the founder of Goodyear, is known to be the person who discovered the vulcanisation of rubber. This discovery encouraged him to start a rubber and tyre company and let the world know of his discovery. The company soon rose to the heights of the tyre industry, beating some of the most widely known manufacturers with ease. Goodyear is one of the leading tyre manufacturers today and can be found in almost all countries around the globe.

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Why Goodyear?

Goodyear is known for its innovations and futuristic products. It came up with the concept of tubeless tyres in 1903, nylon tyres in 1947 and run-on flat tyres in 1992.

Quality is not compromised at Goodyear. The company is known to have higher standards than any of its competitors. Each product undergoes a 360-degree check-up to ensure that it meets the company’s standards. This check helps spot the irregularities that might’ve developed during the manufacturing process and remained hidden somewhere. This check helps remove these glitches before they make it out to your cars and cause issues later.

Goodyear also makes sure that the final product meets with the guidelines provided by the EU tyre labels. They are also known for some of their latest innovations. Sound-comfort technology has helped reduce tyre noise by a huge margin of 50%. Seal Tech is still a budding technology, but can still seal a puncture of 5mm in diameter. They have also designed narrower tyres recently. These tyres have a lesser rolling resistance and increased fuel-efficiency.

Goodyear is trusted by ace car manufacturers like BMW, Audi, Mercedes, Ford, Land Rover, etc., who use their products as part of their original equipment. These elite companies also believe in the abilities of the Goodyear products and, therefore, mount their cars with excellence.

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