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Premium tyres from popular brands like Nexen are expected to offer reliable and long-lasting performance. Most of the time when premium tyres are given the care and attention, they never fail to perform. The advantage of high-quality tyres is that they are meticulously tested under extreme conditions. Thus, ensuring they offer optimum performance at all times. If you want to better care for your tyres, get in touch with our team. 

Top Tread Tyres are your reliable partner for all tyre repair and maintenance services. We specialise in offering all-round tyre-care at reasonable prices. Call our customer care executives today to register your appointment and let us delight you with our services. 

Is Nexen Tyre For You?

Since its inception in 1956, Nexen tyres High Wycombe has been attaining noteworthy achievements like the development of Korea’s first 60 series V-shaped rotation tyre. Their remarkable product-base has made them a top player in the tyre industry of today. Moreover, Nexen produces tyres for passenger cars, light trucks, bus, off-the-road, farm and industrial vehicles. From bearing the weight of the vehicle, mitigating and absorbing shock to changing and maintaining the directions, Nexen tyres offer reliability in everything. 

Dedicated Research & Development Centres

Nexen Tyresbuilds higher brand awareness among customers with outstanding brand values. The company works to increase its business portfolio by developing new tyres and strategic products for global markets. 

Original Equipment Manufacturers

The brand is putting in notable efforts in technology development to manufacturing tyres for its growing customer base. While offering original equipment parts to car owners globally. 

European Tyre Labelling Regulation

Nexen manufactures tyres are in accordance with the European tyre labelling regulation. Their tyres are built in regard to the wet grip, fuel efficiency, external rolling noise of tyres. The regulation allows customers to make informed choices when it comes to picking tyres for their vehicles. 

Complete Tyre-Care For Every Vehicle

At Top Tread Tyres, we understand how important is a good set of tyres for your vehicle. Therefore, we make sure to give your tyres the care they deserve. Be it an SUV, a truck, a luxury vehicle or any other car our experts can take care of it all. 

What’s interesting is that our all-inclusive tyre service packages are highly customisable. You can call us anytime to get the best estimates for your tyre and all other car services.

Wait no more! Pick up the phone or write to us about what you are looking for. We will ensure that your vehicle is serviced well and your car is ready to take on any challenge. Book us today!


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