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wheel alignment

Not many drivers realise how important is wheel alignment or tracking for their car. This simple process helps improve the car’s safety and overall performance giving you a confident driving experience. If you are looking for experts to get the best tracking for your vehicle, contact us.

We are an authorised, full-service repair shop in your area. We offer excellent tracking High Wycombe by highly trained mechanics. Our staff is friendly and committed to giving your car the best of care it deserves. So, wait no more. Call us and let us align your car’s wheels the right way.

Tracking: For Best Alignment

Wheel tracking is an important aspect of the car maintenance process. It corrects the angle and direction at which the car’s wheels must be set at. The car’s wheels must be aligned properly to the recommended position by the manufacturer. This is important for the car when driven on uneven surfaces like bumps, or potholes. A misaligned wheel can prove dangerous and may lead to a bumpy, uncomfortable ride. Drive down to our garage and let us align the wheels for your vehicle so you can tackle even the tough roads.

If you’ve ever encountered difficulty in handling the steering or the car pulling to one side, then wheel tracking is a must. Some other symptoms which indicate a misaligned wheel are the vibrations of the steering wheel, squealing or scrubbing noises at lower speeds, and uneven or abnormal wear. Not just tyre wear, the other areas of the car which suffer due to a misaligned wheel are braking distance, fuel consumption and the drive quality. Car experts at Top Tread Tyres understand the criticality of misaligned wheels. Hence, we offer excellent tracking service and all other car repairs under one roof.

Affordable Car Services in High Wycombe

Proper tracking helps improve the performance and life of your wheels. We use the latest diagnostic software, tools and equipment to fix the alignment issues of your vehicle. No matter what vehicle you drive it will be handled the best way possible.

Our technicians will thoroughly check all the four wheels of your car for alignment. Based on the inspection, a full quotation will be provided based on your car’s individual needs. Before we proceed for any work we would request your consent and won’t charge you anything you did not ask for.

At Top Tread Tyres, you can order your set of perfect tyres too. Choose from our stocked variety of branded tyres from Dunlop, Continental, Goodyear and more. Get on the phone and book your appointment with our technicians today.

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