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Tyres are an essential requirement for any vehicle. But little do drivers know that tyres get affected by the seasonal changes too. Winter tyres work best in temperatures below -7 degrees Celsius. These tyres are compulsory in countries which experience extreme winters, snow, ice and slush. But like any other tyres, they require regular repair and maintenance. For excellent tyre-care bring your car to our garage.

Top Tread Tyres is a full-service garage near you. We specialise in offering winter tyre repair, fitting, and replacement. Contact our customer care representatives to book your appointment today.

Winter Tyre-Care You Must Not Miss

It is no doubt that winter tyres are engineered to tackle the difficult winter conditions like snow, ice, water, and slush. In the UK, such conditions last between mid-November to the beginning of March. Hence, it is worth getting a set of perfect winter tyres for your vehicle. These tyres have a completely different compound and tread pattern than their counterparts. Their unique compound gives them extra grip on the slippery snow. Besides, winter tyres are a must for people living in remote areas where the car is a necessity for the commute. If you are looking for the best Winter Tyres High Wycombe, call us.

Did you know the tread pattern of winter tyres is designed to be self-cleaning? This way the tread does not get blocked by snow or the ice. Winter tyres lead to safer driving by reducing the chances of skid. The sheer popularity of winter tyres can be accessed from the fact that their sales have boomed in the last couple of years. If you are looking to purchase the best set of winter tyres, call us. Our tyre experts will help you pick tyres from brands like Continental, Dunlop and many more.

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Winter tyres are recommended by tyre experts as well as they are a must-have in the UK experiencing severe cold climate. But like any other tyre, they need proper storage and service to perform well. To know more about how to take care of your winter tyres, get in touch with our experts.

We are a team of dedicated and friendly car mechanics in High Wycombe. We specialise in offering prompt, professional and pocket-friendly tyre repair and consultation.

To book your appointment give us a call, drop us an email or get online. Feel free to walk-in at our garage during business hours. And enjoy the best of winter tyre-care in your area.

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